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Nokia Coloud BOOM, KNOCK and POP – the review

Coloud Accessories

A couple weeks ago we received the new range of Nokia Coloud headsets which we have been using on a daily basis since. We took one model per week and used them to listen to music, make and receive phone calls, games, videos heck anything entertainmentwise, we used them.

I must be honest though when I say that I was not expecting them to be that good especially at the retail prices they bear. I have bought cheap headsets in the past and have been let down by the sound quality over and over again, until now!  In fact all three of these headsets  are perfect, each one in it’s own way.

All three of these headsets have the following in common: All three come in a trio of colours, Red, Cyan or Yellow. All have a Zound Lasso 3.5mm jack with 120mm flat cable, an ingenious way of keeping the cables tangle-free. All three also include an integrated microphone as well as a control key to make/drop calls and control your music, which is actually quite cool once you get the hang of it, but you will notice that there is only ONE button control on each cable. Now how this works you ask?? Well here is the fun part and you might get mixed up in the beginning but actually it’s easy – 1 click to play, pause, answer or end a call – 2 clicks to fast forward to next track and 3 clicks to fast rewind back to to beginning of track. Easy, isn’t it?? So now that aside, lets take a quick brief look at each of the three sets.

The first set that we took for a test run were the POP (WH 510)- the in-ear alternative, for those who prefer not to have something wrapped over the head or covering their ears – like me. Very light weight (16 gr), robust and extremely comfortable, the angled durable ear-buds fit perfectly into any ear thanks to the three different sized buds that come in the retail package.  I like in ear headsets, they bring you direct sound straight to your ears eliminating most if not all outside noise around you depending on the volume of your music off course and no they do not have noise cancellation but believe me they don’t need. They have extremely good bass and crystal clear sound quality.  I’m not going to bore you with any of the specs as for most it’s only chinese and as long as they have great sound, that’s all that matters, right?? But for those that need to familiarise them selves with them, head over to the product page HERE.

Coloud POP Retail Pack

Coloud POP

Coloud POP Close Up

The second week we took up the BOOM  (WH 350) - consisting of a metal frame and weighing in at 132 grs, these over the ear sets are designed to ensure that any noises from the outside world stay outside, thanks to the smart closed construction. The large ear pads fit comfortably over your ears, even over my big ears (and no my name is not Dumbo LOL), while the padded rock-solid frame sits perfectly over your head – or around your neck when you’re taking a break. Like the POP the sound quality is awesome. Bass and crystal clear sound and with you ear totally enclosed by the pads these give you a sense of being in a concert hall. I found in particular adjusting your audio setting on your mobile device helps to attain that point of perfection in the sound quality each time, especially activating Dolby. For those that need the full specs, HERE they are.

Coloud BOOM Retail

Coloud BOOM Close up 1

Coloud BOOM Pads

And last but not least, last week we took the third set for a ‘test drive’ – the KNOCK  (WH 520)similarly styled to Boom, this one comes with ‘cans’ – i.e. they cover your ears. At 78 grs, they are lighter than Boom and made for those that like a more minimalistic style, but is still able to withstand what your life throws at it. Here I must say although the sound quality is great, I hate the fabric cover over the earpieces, reminds me of those headsets they give you on a airplane, but that’s me and there are people that will prefer this type of headset and despite that, they are extremely comfortable too on ones head – full specs for the Knock HERE.

Coloud KNOCK Retail

Coloud Cable

Coloud Control unit and Mic

Now like I said in the beginning, each one of these headsets are perfect in their own individual way, and I stand by that, personally my favorite are the Pops, easy to put away like in a pants or shirt pocket and very discrete when using them. The Booms have become my PC/Tablet headset  and use them daily when I need to Skype (headset microphone compatible) or listen to Nokia Music on my W8 PC/Tablet. The Knocks, well those my daughter has hijacked and uses them every day – she loves them.

So if you in the market to get yourself a new set of affordable headphones, look no further, they are all well worth the price tags - BOOM €27, KNOCK €22, and POP €18.

PS: For testing purposes all three of these headsets were used in conjunction with the Lumia 820 for this article.


  • Theo

    Did you test if any of these work with voice commands? That’s the biggest difficulty I’ve found in finding headphones for my Lumia as most headsets (Klipsh, Bose etc) are aimed at iOS.

    I would love to know if these new ones can be used with commands, like *Call* or *Note* without even taking the phone out of your pocket.

  • Joao Luis

    Yes they do work with voice commands – I’m not a fan except when connected to my Parrot in my car.

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  • hjmnyc

    Dear Nokia, have you put some thought into developing a wireless model in the same price range?…Call it, Roar, Bang, Buzz, Whack…or something…I’d buy that in a heartbeat!!!

  • Adriana

    When will these headphones be available on the market? I cannot find a single recent news about the availability of these headsets….When will they become available for the general public?