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Feedback, vision and what needs to improve on Lumia 1020 by Damian Dinning

Damian Dinning

Damian Dinning is probably one of  the most experienced people in the field of the Pureview technology, he has always maintained a close eye on the ongoing development of his pet project and the way it has been implemented in other devices  like the Lumia 920/925 and the most recent Lumia 1020, since he left Nokia back in December 2012.

About a month ago he got his hands on one of the new Lumia 1020 devices and has been using it since, taking pictures and putting the device through its paces etc, and knowing Damian personally, believe you me he has tested every thing possible on that device. Well one month on he has gone public with his findings and has written an article on the Pure View Club website giving us his feedback, visions and what he feels  needs to improve on the Lumia 1020 device together with some very interesting historical insight and inside information.

It’s a long post so I would suggest you get yourself a cuppa coffee before you head over to the site HERE.

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(Picture courtesy Engadget)