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Google screws Microsoft with YouTube compatibility

I don’t know what’s behind the YouTube incompatibilities from these last few days, but boy did Microsoft get screwed!

Only yesterday the redesigned YouTube app hit the store again, and only hours after launch it stopped working. To add some icing on the cake, today the mobile website stopped working too.

A great deal of YouTube WP third party apps also got sunk along with the official Microsoft app, but fortunately, not all, yet. It will be interesting to see how this develops in the following days, but it sure looks like Google wanted to shove it’s foot in Microsoft’s behind for whatever reason.


  • Cold Fire


  • Scott Hobson

    i think you might be giving them too much credit. most of google’s shit is falling apart, so this isn’t surprising at all to me.

  • warex3d

    Fuck google

  • Emerson Almeida

    Google, you can pick up the Android and put it your ass.