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Nokia EOS 909/1020 press shot leaked


Two days before the official announcement, yet another render of the Nokia EOS has surfaced. This time we have some possible colors for the upcoming Nokia flagship. The WP8 Amber powered device will first come in three colors: Yellow, Black and White. As the launch closes in, we will probably see even more leaked shots and speculations, but the truth will be revealed in two days.

Looks like the phone is gonna feature OIS, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage(no SD card slot) and will be able to shoot photos in 32MP resolution in 16:9 aspect ratio and 38MP shots in 4:3 aspect ratio. As with the 808 PureView, the EOS will use the “super pixels” to generate 5MP or 8MP pictures of superb clarity.

We’ll know more in a couple of days.



  • AsonUnique

    At least!! The Sucessor of my 808 Pureview!!

  • Cristian Trohin

    True. Will blow all cameraphones out of the water :)