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Nokia (Lumia) 909 EOS new photo leaked

A week before the official announcement, yet another leak of the much anticipated Nokia EOS has emerged. This one is from a press shot, and from the logo on the front, it looks like it’s heading for AT&T. The EOS is rumored to have the designation Nokia (Lumia) 909, which would be kind of logical after the initial 41MP monster was called 808. As expected, and nearly officially confirmed by Nokia itself, the new flagship will feature a 41MP PurePiew camera.


The phone has a stand out bulge on the back to house the enormous camera sensor and the Xenon flash that will power it in low light situations. From the looks of the latest leak, it seems a new camera app called Nokia Pro Cam will handle the photo shooting and video recording, only logical for such a non standard camera for a Windows Phone.


The Nokia (Lumia) 909 will be the first Nokia smartphone to feature optics from the now renamed Zeiss brand. The display will probably be the same as the one on the Lumia 925, a 4.5inch AMOLED ClearBlack display of 1280×768 pixels resolution.



  • carman58

    Don’t really care what they call it, just want to get my hands on one, and pray it produces photos as good or better than the 808 !

  • Joao Luis

    Some how I think it’s going to be even better. Just hope it won’t be to long before it becomes available to the public though.

  • carman58

    yep, me too Joao, but won’t buy until someone I respect has used or I get to play with one, still not sure if WP can cope with 41megapixels ! But really hope it blows everything out of the water and very excited:-)

  • jimboireland

    I want this now, let’s hope it’s not a long wait.

  • Joao Luis

    Just hope they don’t take for ever to release. This is going to be one hell of a device.